Charles, Auguste Bierroy said "Marquis of Bérangose"

Birth in Laguenou (Corrèze) in 1769...

Who is this Marquis?
Is there?
Where did he come from?
What does it create?

Free and unconstrained man.
A creative, a philosophical artist.

His personality

He cultivates originality, idleness.
He can be insolent to see provocateur.
It has the culture of the beautiful, the taste for elegance, with a true sense of aestheticism.
He has subtle intelligence, he's fine, funny, spicy.
He is fond of ideal, he loves the singularity, the difference.

His tastes

He is not modest, he loves the pomp, the beautiful.
Yet it is not on him that he wants to attract attention, but on his Creations.
The "Medium, Classic, normal" does not interest him.

Its difference

He's keen on his independence, his freedom.
He's not showing up.
He has a mysterious part in him, which he likes to cultivate...

Its origins

We only know his past in part.
Is he really Marquis? Is he noble?
Is he really a descendant of Napoleon as some claim.

The mystery remains...

The only thing we know is that he is a man of Taste, inspired by the past to create, and to mark the future of his creations.

The sequel...