pourquoi choisir nos produits

Why choose our pieces ?

Marquis de Bérangose

Furniture to assert your personality and lifestyle

Ordering from Marquis de Bérangose is choosing to begin a new story — the story of your item.

It isn’t a coincidence if you have chosen our brand, which is for those looking for something out of the ordinary, an object that illustrates a state of mind and originality.

It shows a little bit of personality, so that your space reflects your way of life.

In a way, it should reflect who you are.

Let the objects speak for themselves...

made in france marquis de berangose

Marquis de Bérangose understands you, and sees the aesthete within you !

They are instantly recognizable and catch the eye. They affect us and challenge us.

They are sure to be the topic of conversation.

All throughout production, you are kept informed about every detail, from design to delivery.

Request a colour, seek advice about the harmony of your room, find out how to maintain your piece, and more, in close communication with the Marquis’ atelier.