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Marquis de Bérangose: French Baroque in the 21st century !

Classic is not outdated — it has never looked so modern as in the designs of Marquis de Bérangose!

The items designed for your enjoyment in the Marquis de Bérangose atelier in Montaigu are known as objets de jubilation.

The sketches are entrusted to various craftsmen — cabinetmakers, woodturners, metalworkers, upholsterers, and finishers. Each skill is a profession in and of itself.

The story behind your item unfolds as it changes hands across France. 

The quality of the materials selected is monitored at every stage. Every effort is made to ensure that your purchase gives you full satisfaction.


Fascinated with modern materials and drawn to classic motifs, Marquis de Bérangose works with highly skilled craftsmen to bring imaginative ideas to life.

Their passion and expertise are passed on in Marquis de Bérangose’s pieces. They tell a story.

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Interior decor

Interior decor helps to create an atmosphere in a given place.

It adds a stylish touch to your space.

Rugs and throws are sure to make your interiors warmer and more welcoming.

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Why shouldn’t tableware be seen as a form of art? Upon seeing the Marquis de Bérangose’s designs, one might wonder if the table setting were a painting. Why not elevate it as the tenth art?

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Made to measure

Pieces can be made to measure for your specific needs.

Find your inspiration and contact the Marquis’ atelier

to discuss your project in further detail.

The story of your piece has only just begun!

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Secure payment.

Secure payment.
Each order is a unique story.

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Designed and made in France …or just about*


Horse-drawn carriage delivery (when modern transport is unavailable)

Made to order

Bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces. Made to order