Our materials

Discover our care tips for our materials 

Lacquer Warning

Some of our lacquers are made upon request in a selection of RAL, NCS and Pantone colours. This allows us to refer to the same colour options and provide our finishers with specific colour references.
However, please note that colours may vary from screen to paper swatches. We always recommend using paper swatches; in some cases purchasing colour samples is also recommended.

Please be reminded that products are not designed for outdoor use. Therefore, any changes to the product, colours or other aspects are not covered by warranty.
Our lacquers have been laboratory tested and are scratch, abrasion and UV resistant with normal product use.
However, the appearance of micro scratches on top of lacquered furniture is normal.
As lacquer is a hard coating, it may burst upon impact or crack due to changes in temperature.
If an object is exposed to sunlight, colours may fade even for items coated with a special UV-protective finish (such as the neon Diabolo range).


Printed Textile Warning

Products such as flocked rugs, throws and oilcloths are individually made. Each product is unique. Please be aware of variations in colour; shades may vary depending on the ink blends and “bath” used.

Wood Warning

We kindly remind you that some of our products are made of wood.
Like all organic materials, wood may contract and expand. Over time, you may observe changes in the condition of your product; they do not affect the properties of wood in any way.

Oilcloth Characteristics

Waterproof and stain-resistant oilcloth.

  • Bright colours.
  • Do not wash with abrasive products
  • Printed with odourless UL ECOLOGO® and UL GREENGUARD Gold certified HP Latex ink.
  • This printing method guarantees that tablecloths are safe for food use.
Fur Technical Characteristics

Very fine quality synthetic fur
Composition: 84% acrylic and 16% polyester

  • Dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Wash on gentle cycle at 30°C
Throw Technical Characteristics

Made of fireproof velvet in accordance with standard DIN 4102 (B1)
Velvety suedette 380 GSM 140-cm width- Machine wash at 30°C

  • Do not iron on high heat, as this may affect the colour.


100% Polyamide Tufted Rug Technical Characteristics

Ultra-high definition digital Chromojet printed tufted polyamide rug.

Ultra-high definition printing technology uses an endless range of colours and gives the illusion of depth.

  • Felt backing
  • Hemmed border
  • Fireproof (EN 13501-1 BFL-S1)


Flocked Velvet Technical Characteristics
  • Highly resistant and durable with high-density construction (up to 80 million fibres per sqm)
  • Fully washable, with a waterproof backing
  • Non-slip and safe, wet or dry
  • Comfortable and sound-absorbing textile surface
  • High definition (HD) digital printing technology for bright colours
  • Sanitized integrated antimicrobial protective treatment to prevent bacterial growth and microorganisms. It therefore has a positive impact on living conditions for people with allergies. (Anti-allergy tested by the British Allergy Foundation)

The unique structure makes it possible to remove twice as many allergens during cleaning compared with conventional carpeting.Our flocked velvet floor covering is easy to clean and washable with water and standard cleaning products (no chemicals). Flocked velvet can also be cleaned with a steam cleaner if required for hygienic reasons.Maintenance cleaningVacuum daily with a high-performance vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and reduce the frequency of deep cleaning.

Using a high-performance vacuum cleaner also helps to effectively remove encrusted dirt particles.Stain removalUse plenty of water and a minimal amount of the appropriate cleaning agent to dissolve and wipe away soluble stains.

Carefully pry away and remove any set substances with a spatula beforehand.

Apply the remaining cleaning solution with a spatula, dab with a sponge or paper towel, and follow with the injection/extraction cleaning method.Non-soluble stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol. If solvent-based cleaners are needed, pre-test any treatment on a small inconspicuous area beforehand.Do not spray cleaning agents directly onto floor covering; apply to a damp cloth and blot.

Do not use any strong solvents or bleaching agents!