Art of the table

Art of the table

Art of the table

Art of the table

Tableware has become an increasingly important design detail in interior decor nowadays, but was already very popular in the 17th century.

It lets guests know how important they are and elevates the meal.

In a way, it is staging or scenography for the table.

The decor, presentation, and arrangement all play an essential role.

Marquis de Bérangose intends to preserve this way of life through this tableware collection. Through its designs, the brand develops pieces which play with pattern, colour, shape, and materials.

Table linen

The table is at once a convivial setting where meals are shared, a place for family gatherings on special occasions, and a place for entertaining.

The dishes and how they are presented add to this, as does the decor on the table and in the dining room.

Marquis de Bérangose wanted to develop this concept by creating a range dedicated to the art of hospitality.


"Table linen"

Discover the table linen
Art of the table

Why choose Marquis de Bérangose pieces?

For the enjoyment of having something beautiful in your home — a piece that reflects your tastes, created for you.

Some customers prefer to keep their pieces in mint condition, only gazing upon them and admiring them.

Let these objects tell their story, be noticed, and catch the eye.

These are objects of desire…