Interior decor

Décoration d'intérieur
Interior decor

Interior decor refers to all the furniture, materials and accessories used to decorate a space. At Marquis de Bérangose, it includes collections of decorative textile accessories, such as Marche Dessus flocked velvet and tufted rugs, and Pour Avoir Chaud throws.

Flocked velvet rug

Marche Dessus Floqué is the name of a range of flocked velvet rugs. But do you know what flocked velvet is ? It has numerous advantages, including being stain resistant and mite repellent.  Marche Dessus Floqué pieces are also known for their bright colours.

"Marche Dessus Floqué"

Discover the baroque flocked velvet rug

Tufted rug

Marche Dessus Tufté includes soft, thick, tufted rugs that make your interiors feel warm and cosy. These rugs and the tablecloth are among the few products made outside France,

less than 800 kilometres away. Can you guess where?

"Marche Dessus Tufté"

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It is said that Joséphine spent time in Montaigu to rest before returning to Nantes.

One might imagine that a blanket made by Marquis de Bérangose would have been offered to keep her warm — and this is how the story of our throws begins.

But did this really happen?


« Pour avoir chaud »

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Pourquoi choisir nos produits ?

Why choose Marquis de Bérangose pieces?

Why choose Marquis de Bérangose pieces?

For the enjoyment of having something beautiful in your home — a piece that reflects your tastes, created for you.

Some customers prefer to keep their pieces in mint condition, only gazing upon them and admiring them.

Let these objects tell their story, be noticed, and catch the eye.

Objects of desire...